Ayzn Black — STL


3D print your own Ayzn Black mini! Your download will include the following:

  • 9 STLs for each individual part
  • 9 Pre-supported STLs for each individual part
  • 1 Pre-supported Chitubox project for the entire miniature

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  • You are not allowed to sell or share the digital file.
  • You are not only allowed to sell 3D printed models of the digital file.
  • You are not allowed to create molds of, or in any way mass produce, models from the digital file.
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Ayzn’s titanic frame stomps across the battlefield, casting an ominous shadow over its opponents, and daring them to get within range of its massive fists. Ayzn evolves as it fights, ultimately unleashing the final stage of its Iron Fusion—Ayzn Black! In this form, Ayzn’s armor panels flare open, channeling an overwhelming amount of Giga energy into each strike. When 3D printed, this miniature can be used to show the activation of Ayzn’s “Iron Fusion Stage 3! Ayzn Black!” ability in-game, but is not required to play Giga-Robo.


This is a 92mm tall model.