Bullet Hell Ascalon Alpha


Ascalon Alpha is an unmatched Ranged Attack robot, built for speed and precision. It bombards multiple opponents and structures with rockets, deftly evades opponents’ counterattacks, and then blasts them from across the entire battlefield with its massive Xyston sniper rifle. When it needs to go full bore, Ascalon Alpha can fire all of its weapons simultaneously, unleashing a maelstrom of bullets that can eradicate anything in its path. This miniature can be used to show the activation of Ascalon Alpha’s “Bullet Hell” ability in-game, but is not required to play Giga-Robo.


This is a 63.5mm tall multi-part resin miniature.

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Pictures shown are digital renders of the assembled miniature. Assembly is required. Parts may require cleaning, and removal of mold-lines and flash.

Additional information

Weight 1.7989720594 oz
Dimensions 12.1 × 17.8 × 3.2 m

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