Double Dagger Dai-Raijin V


Dai-Raijin V is a storm made metal—its attacks crackling with arcs of electricity and resounding with the boom of thunder. Dai-Raijin V delivers lightning-powered combos to bring down enemy mechs, but when it needs an extra edge, it wields the arc blades hidden in its knee armor to slice opponents into sparking fragments of scrap. This miniature can be used to show the activation of Dai-Raijin V’s “Double Dagger” ability in-game, but is not required to play Giga-Robo.


Not including the height of its weapons, this is a 59mm tall multi-part resin miniature.

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Pictures shown are digital renders of the assembled miniature. Assembly is required. Parts may require cleaning, and removal of mold-lines and flash.

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Weight 1.7989720594 oz
Dimensions 12.1 × 17.8 × 3.2 m