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Giga-Robo: Core Set


Giga-Robo is the card-driven miniatures game of giant robot combat! 

The battlefield is a weapon—smash your opponent across the map through buildings and hazards, changing the terrain as you play.
Act on every turn—respond to attacks with any card in your hand, and gain resources from taking damage—you’re never on the sidelines.
Dynamic cooldown system—plan your turns and set up powerful combos by tracking when each of your cards will return to your hand.

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While supplies last, get 5 alternate art, silver foil, Ultimate Technique promo cards for free with your Core Set!

The core set includes:

  • 4 unpainted plastic robot miniatures
  • 15 unpainted plastic structures (5 skyscrapers, 10 high-rises)
  • 132 robot cards, 65 pilot cards, 32 impact cards
  • 144 barrier, trauma, and power tokens
  • 89 impact tiles
  • 12 attack dice (12-sided)
  • 12 power dice (12-sided)
  • 5 defense dice (10-sided)
  • 24 robot abilities
  • 16 tracking cubes
  • 5 pilot boards
  • 4 robot boards
  • rulebook
  • double-sided city map

Giga-Robo is currently moving to a new warehouse which will enable easy shipping for fans outside the US! But because of the move fulfilling orders may take longer than usual.

If you live outside the US and would like to place an order now, please contact info@gigarobo.com.

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