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Giga-Robo: Warrior of the Wastes Expansion


Expand your Giga-Robo roster! Kong, of The Wastes is a ruthless pilot, dissecting opponents with guerilla tactics and the command of her mercenary army. She brings the brand new ability to drop Target tokens onto the battlefield, which can be triggered for a variety of effects, keeping your opponent off-balance. Ascalon Alpha is an unmatched Ranged Attack robot, built for speed and precision. It bombards multiple opponents and structures with rockets, deftly evades opponents’ counterattacks, and then blasts them from across the entire battlfield with its massive Xyston sniper rifle.

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The Warrior of the Wastes Expansion comes with:

  • Ascalon Alpha unpainted plastic miniature
  • 33 card robot deck
  • 6 robot ability tokens
  • 1 robot board
  • Kong, Warrior of the Wastes 10-card pilot deck
  • 3 pilot ability cards
  • 1 pilot board
  • 12 target tokens

Giga-Robo is currently moving to a new warehouse which will enable easy shipping for fans outside the US! But because of the move fulfilling orders may take longer than usual.

If you live outside the US and would like to place an order now, please contact info@gigarobo.com.

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