Star Spanner O-Gun — STL


3D print your own Star Spanner O-Gun mini! Your download will include the following:

  • 8 STLs for each individual part
  • 8 Pre-supported STLs for each individual part
  • 1 Pre-supported Chitubox project for the entire miniature

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  • You are not allowed to sell or share the digital file.
  • You are not only allowed to sell 3D printed models of the digital file.
  • You are not allowed to create molds of, or in any way mass produce, models from the digital file.
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O-Gun uses the entire map as a weapon, grabbing opponents with its far-reaching chain-fists, and smashing them through each and every Obstacle it can find. When O-Gun isn’t suplexing mechs through skyscrapers, it wields its Star Spanner—a tool used to repair O-Gun’s chassis, as well as concentrate energy to smash opponents across the city skyline. When 3D printed, this miniature can be used to show the activation of O-Gun’s “Star Spanner” ability in-game, but is not required to play Giga-Robo.


This is a 63mm tall model.